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Fresh eyed and filter-free

What’s your view on faux-face-filters?

How do you feel about people ‘influencing’ us on Instagram and other social media platforms with implausibly smooth skin, enlarged eyes, make up and dazzling teeth all flatteringly filtered through a soft focus for our viewing pleasure? Sometimes wouldn’t it feel nice (albeit a bit strange) to meet the ‘real’ people behind the filters.

Whichever side of the fence you’re on when it comes to filters, love them or hate them, in spite of the occasional backlash we can’t fail to recognise how normalised they’ve become in our culture. A convenient and flattering way to hide blemishes, make ourselves look more attractive or improve on our photography, it’s no wonder we’re fixated on filters. But – are we forgetting what our real faces look like and, in our bid to disguise dark circles, are we also forgetting to ponder why they’re there to begin with?

Maybe it’s time to freshen things up a bit when it comes to using filters and focus on freshening our faces in the real world, starting with our sleep. After all, sleep is well known to be one of the core ingredients for naturally beautiful skin.

If you know you’re relying on filters to hide the effects of poor sleep, maybe it’s time to get real. Find out more about the kind of #perfectsleep that we hand-make at Millbrook Beds.