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FSC Friday

This Friday is FSC Friday!

Whether you’re an eco enthusiast or not, chances are you’ll have heard of the Forest Stewardship Council (better known as the FSC). As the name suggests, the FSC is an international and non governmental organisation that help take care of forests, and this is significant not only in terms of setting forest management standards that promote sustainability – it’s important for the people and wildlife for whom the forest is more than a forest -it’s also home.

So what’s the FSC all about?

On September 27th 2019, the Forest Stewardship Council will be hosting ‘FSC Friday’ to raise awareness about responsible forest management and the best ways to keep using forest products that mean we keep our forests too.

Choosing FSC certified products more of the time is a big part of this in the every day choices we make when we buy large considered purchases like furniture, or even when we’re buying the small forgettable stuff like toilet paper. Choosing FSC certified products mean you’re choosing to buy products made using wood from well managed forests so choose FSC.