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Fuelled by nature

The positive effects of natural products for our health and diet are well recognised. But we don’t always tend to make the same association between natural products and positive sleep. 

At Millbrook Beds, we think this association should matter a lot. Carefully selected, fine natural materials are a huge factor in what makes a handmade product from Millbrook Beds so special.

Across our luxurious ranges we use all number of natural materials including wool, cashmere, cotton, pashmina, silk and bamboo to enable naturally luxurious sleep. It’s not a gimmick, our commitment to using natural materials is more than liking the idea of a natural bed; natural materials boast superior benefits that work more naturally in flow with our bodies as we sleep.

Man made fabrics have yet to match the properties of nature when it comes to breathability, softness and temperature regulation. The latter function is particularly essential as it sees natural materials including wool and silk work in symbiosis with our body to keep our body at a comfortable temperature. Without this, we will continually wake throughout the night to make ourselves comfortable taking our covers on and off.

Let your sleep be fuelled by nature with a handcrafted pocket sprung bed from Millbrook Beds.