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Fuzzy feeling

Who doesn’t love a warm and fuzzy feeling?

After being out in the cold, there’s no better feeling than getting warm. Be it with a hot drink, a bowl of warm comfort food or snuggling up to the warm body of a pet or loved one, warmth has a comforting effect on us and – without it – it’s much harder to relax.

For this reason, warmth is an important part of the design of our luxury handmade mattresses and beds. Carefully balancing and layering fillings to create a mattress that is not only breathable, but that supports and responds to your body’s temperature regulation all year round is imperative for #perfectsleep comfort.

The use of Hampshire Wool in our mattresses is key to this. A naturally thermo-regulating fibre, wool not only warms us, it wicks heat and moisture away from the body enabling our body to maintain a warm yet comfortable temperature – without having to wake through the night to adjust the number of layers on our beds.

So, whether it’s warmth in winter or coolness in summer, find #perfectsleep warmth and comfort with a luxury handmade bed from Millbrook Beds.