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Get off the rollercoaster 

Poor sleep and poor nutrition are very happy bedfellows. 

If our sleep doesn’t give us what we need yo feel adequately recharged we can often find ourselves reaching for sugar as early as breakfast time, often setting ourselves up for a day of riding a rollercoaster of sugar highs and sugar lows. 

Which begs the question: if you already sleep well, why get on the sugar rollercoaster to begin with?

If you’ve been hitting up sugary breakfast ever since your first childhood love of pop tarts and frosted cereals, maybe it’s time to get some sugar-free breakfast inspiration. Eggs are a great way to fill up on protein for long-lasting energy. Or for whole grain energy, why not fill up the fridge with overnight oats? Or if you’ve morphed into a master baker during lockdown, check out some of the delicious baking recipes available online for sugar free breakfast muffins and pancakes.

The reality is if you’re not getting what you need from breakfast without having to load up on sugar, then your issue probably has less to do with your breakfast and more to do with your sleep.

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