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Go botanical 

The warmth of Spring is tantalisingly near and – after this winter especially – we’ve never been more in the mood to refresh our homes.

Introducing fern patterns, moss colours, fresh green textures and floral designs is a quick and sophisticated shortcut to a fresh, botanical design theme for your home. It’s not just about design inspiration, surrounding ourselves with nature – even indoors – can help to improve our mental wellbeing and help us manage stress so a few pot plants here or there couldn’t hurt either.

Of course decorative finishes aren’t the only way to breathe the freshening breath of nature into your bedroom. At Millbrook Beds our luxury handmade mattresses are made using the finest natural fillings for quality performance and superior breathability.

Breathable Fine English Cotton and Hampshire Wool are expertly layered with other natural fillings and enveloped in an Egyptian cotton cover to create a mattress and sleeping surface capable of dispersing excess overnight heat from your body.

Refresh your home and your sleep in one with naturally #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds. Shop our range of luxury handmade mattresses online now or in a quality independent retailer near you when stores reopen.