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Good instincts

Few people ever give much thought to their instincts. Good or bad, our instincts are like an inner voice or barometer inside our heads that subconsciously direct our thoughts and actions.

Our instincts instantly determine whether someone we’re talking to us is lying or being truthful, they signal the difference between right and wrong, they direct us to have empathetic feelings for others along with many other intuitions we have that aren’t necessarily directed by logic or conscious analysis.

At Millbrook Beds we’re believers in good instincts, in fact we like to think good instincts have a lot to do with our long and successful company history spanning nine decades. And our luxury pocket sprung mattresses have good instincts too. 

Individually nested pocket springs move independently from one another to exactly curve and shape to your unique curves and shapes, providing responsive support for your neck and spine. Much like the inner voice you don’t hear but that guides you nonetheless, pocket sprung support is the inner strength of your mattress that you don’t see but that intuitively supports the individual size and shape of your sleep.

If your instincts are telling you it’s time for a new mattress, shop our ranges of pocket sprung mattresses and sharpen your sleep instincts.