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Handmade Christmas


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without festive crafts.

In this Christmas period, there’s many things we could’ve easily bought to have saved ourselves time and effort but – for those who take pride in their creations – the time and effort that goes into them makes the end result better than any store-bought alternative.

In an era that increasingly values experience above possessions, it’s not only the festive season that draws us to the art of handmade creations – the process of mastering a new skill holds a quintessential value for us, whatever the time of year.

And when something’s really important to us – like our family Christmas – being able to customise things to our individual tastes and to fine tune that detail makes the difference between something lovely, and something that becomes a treasured family memory.

All these same principles apply when we make a bed. Because sleep is so important, we believe that the only way to achieve the best possible quality and true sleep luxury in a mattress or bed is to craft it by hand. Quality, tradition and craftsmanship are at the core of who we are and how we work – at Christmastime – and all year round.