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Handmade home

Thankfully nowadays ‘keeping up appearances’ style show homes increasingly belong to a bygone era – an era when having matching shades of chintz and coordinating wallpaper borders in every room were more important than personal comfort or individual style. 

Our modern homes are much more of an outward expression of our personalities, which is why so many people want to see themselves reflected in the things that surround them. And an increasingly popular way of doing this is if they have a hand in creating those things.

TV personalities such as Angel Strawbridge and Kirstie Allsopp inspire us and have no doubt encouraged reams of wannabe crafters to have a go at handmade projects to upcycle preloved things and modern furniture ‘hacks’ to create a style customised by you that’s unique to your home. After all, how much more special are such things when they’ve been handmade to suit our needs, to our exact specification and to reflect our tastes.

At Millbrook Beds, we know exactly how special such things are as that’s exactly our business – hand-making beds to suit your comfort needs, to your practical specification and finished with headboards and divans in colours and fabrics to reflect your personal style.

If, like many, you love all things handmade, make a Millbrook Bed part of your handmade home.