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Happy hour

What’s the happiest type of hour come this time of year? Simple. The type that gives us an extra hour in bed.

Yes it’s time for the clocks to go back once more and – though there’s time to bemoan the return of dark mornings – for this week, let’s just focus on the happy gift of that extra hour.

An extra hour to doze, or just to luxuriate in the thought of a ‘free’ hour to spare that wasn’t there yesterday and won’t be there tomorrow – we love it when the clocks go back because a little extra time in bed should be a joy. 

If you don’t relish the thought of extra time in bed it might be worth asking the question as to whether your bed’s giving you everything you need in terms of comfort? Poor quality, aged or damaged mattresses are the thief of joy when it comes to sleep comfort, and the thief of other aspects of our wellbeing if they cause us to sleep poorly.

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