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Have a skinful

This week at Millbrook Beds we’re not so much thinking of having a skinful of booze, but a skinful of sleep.

There’s a longstanding association between our sleep and skin and so most of us know there’s an idea that we’re more ‘beautiful’ with a bit of ‘beauty’ sleep, but why?

When we don’t get enough sleep, there are three significant ways our skin suffers:

Without enough sleep the moisture and PH levels in our skin decrease, which has the effect of making your skin drier, uneven and dulling your overall complexion 

Without enough sleep our body produces more cortisol (the stress hormone) which, in turn, leads to more inflammation. Cortisol is attributable to accelerate ageing and, in the short term, can also lead to skin rashes.

Without enough sleep our body has less opportunity to regenerate cells, this means our blood vessels can dilate leading to one of the most commonly recognised signs of tiredness – dark circles.

…so you don’t have to dig more than skin deep to appreciate the significant role sleep has to play in keeping our skin and our body as a whole in beautiful balance.

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