So Christmas is upon us and for some of us, among many things that Christmas means, it can also mean houseguests – and lots of them!

Making sure that no family member spends the Christmas holiday alone often means setting extra places at your dinner table and clearing out any available space in your home to accommodate extra places for people to sleep. And while this wholeheartedly embodies the Christmas spirit, we think it’s okay to admit that – if at no other time of year than when you have a house full – our bedrooms instantly become our safe haven.

Those precious few minutes when you have to ‘pop up to your bedroom for something’ offer a momentary escape from board games, pouring drinks, the stuffiness of overcrowded rooms and inevitably from the passive aggressive tension rumbling between relatives that don’t always see eye to eye. 

However having somewhere to escape the world and to escape day-to-day stresses is important all year round. The best way to make your bedroom into a haven at Christmas and throughout the year, begins with a comfortable place to lie down. 

Relax more deeply with the kind of #perfectsleep comfort made by Millbrook Beds. Our handmade beds and mattresses offer pocket sprung comfort to take the strain and stress of your body so that, in turn, you can relax more deeply and discharge the stress and strain on your mind.