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High definition 

We live in a modern world where the usage and definition of words can shift according to new forms of expression, advertising or colloquialisms.

Sometimes it can be refreshing to investigate the true definition and origins of words, if nothing other than as a means to provide some anchorage to what is ‘real’ and unchanging in our restless world.

The etymology of the word Grandeur is thought to date back to old French and as far back in history as 1490-1500. It’s a noun that denotes splendour and impressiveness, especially in style and appearance. Thinking of this definition, it’s easy to see why ‘Grandeur’ was the perfect name to describe our newest collection of luxury pocket mattresses and beds.

A premium range featuring high spring count mattresses and beds, the Grandeur Collection has been created using the finest natural fillings available, all layered and hand side stitched within a luxurious viscose cotton cover. Layers of locally sourced Hampshire wool, temperature regulating Fine English Cotton, luxurious cashgora, moisture controlling silk, super soft bamboo and pashmina have been combined to create a naturally sumptuous sleeping surface to keep you sleeping comfortably all year round.

When it comes to a search for true definition, for authenticity, for real quality, look no further than Millbrook Beds.