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High profile

For those who see or lay on a pocket sprung mattress from Millbrook Beds for the first time, a common observation is the luxurious depth of our mattresses. A high profile experience in more ways than one, our handmade mattresses owe their characteristic depth to their luxurious design featuring:

Layers of individually nested pocket springs and mini comfort springs that add a superior depth of support for your neck, your spine and your entire body.

Layers of luxurious natural fillings including Hampshire Wool, silk, bamboo fibre, English Fine Cotton, cashgora and pashmina, all contributing to a soft breathable sleeping surface and taking you to new depths of comfort .

And now – with our English-made mattresses growing in popularity in the USA – the profile of #perfectsleep by Millbrook Beds has never been valued more widely.

Raise the profile of your sleep in comfort, support and join a growing number of people appreciating the benefits of #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.