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Hitch a lift

Last year we proudly unveiled our Motion range, a new and improved collection of adjustable beds capable of giving our customers that little extra ‘lift’ when they need or desire it.

Our exclusive Motion range features six models with mattresses ranging from 1000 – 4000 pocket spring counts for different models and includes: the Cotton Motion 1000, Motion Memory 1000, Ortho Motion 1000, Natural Motion 1000, Natural Motion 1200 and Natural Motion 4000.

Each adjustable bed has a 25 stone weight capacity and features a five-part adjustable two-motor system. Made to Millbrook Beds high quality standards, all beds in the Motion range are made using sprung birch slats and feature a weight adjuster zone for the lumbar region. The beds are constructed using a curved chrome mattress retainer bar and finished with 60mm birch plywood natural finish rails.

Shop Millbrook Beds’ exclusive Motion range now and enjoy all the benefits of an adjustable bed combined with the same Millbrook Beds’ quality you’ve come to know and love.