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What are your homecoming habits at the end of a long day?

To you, maybe coming home means putting on slippers knowing you won’t put outdoor shoes on for the rest of the day, maybe it’s lighting a fire to create some cosy warmth, or maybe you have a nightly ritual of snuggling up on the sofa with a cuppa and a biscuit before getting the dinner on.

Whatever your homecoming habits, having things in our day that we do for no other reason than to comfort ourselves is important. Call it what you may… ‘self-care’, ‘unwinding time’, ‘being kind to yourself’… but spending those few moments here and there in our day looking after our physical comfort reaps even bigger rewards for our emotional wellbeing. We matter, and we should treat ourselves as such.

Some may argue that sleep comfort is a practical matter as, without it, we can’t get the sleep we need to function well physically and mentally. But we think it’s that and more. Yes, giving yourself a comfortable place to sleep helps fulfil a basic need, but it’s also part of the equation of looking after ourselves and providing ourselves with a comfortable and cosy place to rest and recuperate, in more sense than one.

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