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How often is ‘too often’?

We all have the odd night here or there where sleep can evade us but at what point does it become something bigger? How often is too often when it comes to poor sleep?

At this point it’s worth debunking the biggest myth about insomnia. People tend to think of insomniacs as people who struggle to go to sleep, however this is only one characteristic of poor sleep that’s associated with insomnia as a condition. Continual waking throughout the night, early waking patterns as well as a persistent sense of waking up feeling unrefreshed can be equally important indicators for a sleep disorder.

The how often is ‘too often’ question is trickier to answer as there are often social and environmental factors that we can adjust – such as our bedtime routines, bedroom environment and sleep comfort – that all have a huge impact on our sleep quality. Being sensitive to these factors however, if you’re experiencing symptoms of insomnia more than a few times in a week or you’re finding poor sleep is effecting your quality of life, it’s worth speaking to your GP.

Sleep restores balance to our minds and bodies and yet ‘too often’ we fail to recognise the importance of sleep until it evades us. The same is true of sleep comfort, ‘too often’ we can fail to identify the deteriorating impact a poor quality mattress is having on our sleep until that impact is all ‘too often’.

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