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How to sleep now

So much in modern life evolves quickly. The time that existed before being online, the time before smart phones and the time before the wide availability of dietary choice such as vegetarian or vegan food can feel like a lifetime ago.

But does the way we sleep change that much? Or indeed, if it does, is it always for the better?

While it’s true to say there are many things about modern life that aren’t helpful to supporting positive sleep patterns. Modern working culture means that we’re always ‘on’ and rarely uncontactable, streaming tv box sets cry out for late night binge watching, and modern snacking habits and food delivery services at our fingertips mean that we don’t give our tummies or our brains the space and time of an evening to wind down ready for sleep.

But, on the flip side, although we have some unhelpful habits, we also have some amazing advancements in sleep technology. Take our recently-launched DreamSense™ mattress featuring cutting-edge sleep technology:

• Smart mattress with sleep management system

• Sleep data measures heart rate and posture via the app

• Dual control system for sleep zone comfort

• Smart alarm

• Massage feature

• Unique NemoFlex™ side borders with no side stitching or staples


How to sleep now? Quite simply, on a DreamSense™ mattress from the Millbrook Bed Company.