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I woke up like this

We’ve all seen the gorgeously uber-cool people wear t’shirts emblazoned with this slogan or posted on their Instagram. It’s one of those attitude statements that does the rounds from time to time and is mostly used ironically – although for some narcissists, not always.

But what if we really could wake up looking that good?

Unless you’re tempted by invasive cosmetic procedures, water, good nutrition and sleep are your only route to waking up with an Instagram-ready glowing freshness.

So why not take up the challenge? The likelihood is that image-conscious Instagrammers are already pretty clued up on healthy nutrition, after all, Instagram accounts laden with intricately decorated smoothie bowls and plates of smashed avocado have helped stem the rapid growth of the platform. However it’s fair to say that fewer people story about their love of positive sleep routines.

At Millbrook Beds, our love of sleep has seen us in pursuit of #perfectsleep for many years now. Happily we think we’ve found it in our Perfect Sleep collection, a range of lovingly handmade mattresses and beds that is the culmination of over 70 years independent bed making experience.

Whether you choose to splash your face all over Instagram or not, help yourself on the way to braggable ‘I woke up like this’ skin with #perfectsleep.