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Ice cream makes everything better

What’s more wonderful than your first alfresco ice cream of the year…well really on any hot sunny afternoon, very few things are better than the company of a cool, creamy ice cream.

But the magic in a scoop of ice cream isn’t necessarily the taste – delicious though it may be. The real alchemy is the soothing coolness of ice cream in the soaring heat, refreshing us in more senses than one.

With the mercury rising, nighttime is when most people find the heat especially unbearable and, though we’re believers that ‘ice cream makes everything better’, we can’t very well keep toddling off to the freezer for ice cream in the middle of the night! Indeed, the trick is to try and avoid becoming overheated to begin with and this is where investing in a quality bed such as a Millbrook Bed pays dividends.

Our luxury mattresses are made using natural fillings such as wool, which has thermoregulating properties to keep you warm in cold winter months and cool in warmer spring and summer months. These fillings are encased in a natural (and chemical free) Egyptian Cotton cover which is hand side stitched. This not only adds to the luxury presentation of your mattress, it also has the effect of extending the sleeping surface right to the edge of the bed, meaning co-sleepers can have more space to spread out on warmer nights.

We might not be able to turn down the thermostat on hot sticky nights, but we can avoid sleeping on mattresses made from heat-trapping synthetic fabrics. And, if all else fails, there’s always ice cream…