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In the frame

There’s no question when it comes to a bed, the mattress is star of the show. But, what fewer people realise is that the base for your mattress is an equally important factor.

So, this week at Millbrook Beds, it’s all about handmade craftsmanship from the floor up as we put our divan bases in the frame. Five things you might not know about divan bases (and why they matter):

Dynamic support – our luxurious #perfectsleep design extends from your sleeping surface right the way down. That means our divan bases are also pocket sprung to provide dynamic support. In fact, buying a pocket sprung divan base is the best way to support the longest lifespan for your luxury pocket sprung mattress.

Bits and bobs – our divan bases can be made with storage in different drawer configurations, giving you space for your bits and bobs.

Made by hand – the same handmade attention to detail goes into the making of each divan base as each of our luxury mattresses. That’s because we believe that the only way to ensure #perfectsleep quality is to craft it by hand.

Colour your way – with over 60 quality fabrics to choose from, your luxury handmade divan base can perfectly blend with your personal style.

Sleep sound – all the timber used in our divan bases are sourced from accredited sustainable forests.