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Inner strength

Having an inner strength helps us withstand the daily wear and tear that life can reap on our mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

Some find their inner strength in a faith, others find it in the warm security of family, for some people their determination may come from long range goals that help them focus beyond today’s troubles. It doesn’t matter that our inner strength comes from different sources, what matters is that it’s there – beneath the surface – holding us up.

Inner strength is something of a specialty for us at Millbrook Beds. Our luxury mattresses are handmade using pocket springs (springs sewn into individual pockets) that provide enhanced, responsive support for your neck and spine.

Not only this, our quality mattresses feature unique zonal edge springing for added strength. By positioning two rows of firmer springs to the outer edge, this ensures no “roll-off” sleep disturbance and – as only inner strength can – helps your mattress withstand nightly wear and tear.

Wherever you find your inner strength by day, by night, trust in the inner strength of #perfectsleep with Millbrook Beds.