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Inside…The Grandeur Collection 

Grand by name, grand by design, grand by nature…let’s look inside a collection that more than lives up to its grand title – The Grandeur Collection.

A premium collection featuring high spring count mattresses and beds, the Grandeur Collection has been created using the finest natural fillings available, all layered and hand side stitched within a luxurious viscose cotton cover. Layers of locally sourced Hampshire wool, temperature regulating Fine English Cotton, luxurious cashgora, moisture controlling silk, super soft bamboo and pashmina are combined to create a naturally sumptuous sleeping surface to keep you sleeping comfortably all year round.

The collection encompasses the Grandeur 8000, Grandeur 9000, Grandeur 10000, Grandeur 12000 and Grandeur 14000 to offer you a premium choice of high spring count mattresses and beds for the ultimate in sleep luxury. Thousands of individually nested pocket springs are layered with contouring smaller comfort springs to provide superior support to your neck and spine with each mattress in the collection available in a choice of Soft, Standard and Firm comfort levels.

Traditionally hand side stitched for a quality finish and with no chemicals used on our luxurious viscose cotton covers or sumptuous natural fillings, our Grandeur Collection is indeed grand by name, by design… and by nature.