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Inside…The Majestic Collection 

Spring inside our Majestic Collection and find high spring counts, high level comfort and quality designs that will heighten the style of your bedroom.

The collection features five mattresses ranging from the Majestic 2000, Majestic 4000, Majestic 5000, Majestic 6000 up to the Majestic 7000. These high spring count mattresses layer thousands upon thousands of full size pocket springs with body contouring smaller comfort pocket springs to create a mattress range so comfortable it lives up to its name.

Each and every mattress in the collection features traditional hand side stitching; a skilled and time consuming process that’s worth every minute of extra time it takes. Not only does traditional hand side stitching lend refinement and a quality finish to your luxury mattress, it also extends the lifespan and the sleeping surface of the mattress.

Beneath the sumptuous viscose cover, mattresses from the Majestic Collection are layered with some of the finest natural fillings available including temperature regulating English Fine Cotton, locally sourced Hampshire wool and moisture controlling silk – all of which are completely natural and have not been treated with chemicals.

This is a collection so comfortable, so luxurious…it’s majestic.

Shop our Majestic Collection now in an independent retailer near you by using our online store finder https://www.millbrook-beds.co.uk/find-a-retailer/