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This time of year can feel like something of an interlude. The festive party-time season is long behind us, holidays still feel too far ahead to get excited about and the nights are still too cold and dark to feel inspired to get up to much in the way of being useful in the evenings or doing much in the way of socialising.

So what to do within this interlude? In our minds, this time of year calls for early nights tucked up with a good book or a box set and making relaxation into an event in its own right.

Need inspiration for your interlude?

Find the inside track on the must-read books of 2019 so far and yet to come with Penguin’s book lover’s guide in their Must-Read and Best Books to Buy in 2019 so get reading up on what to read here:


And if you prefer your drama to be played out on screen rather than on the page, stock up on the popcorn and check out the Mirror’s ultimate guide to the most binge-able box sets:


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