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Into the blue

True blue…. is a beautiful hue.

If you’re using blue tones as the inspiration for your bedroom makeover it’s a great choice. Not only does in bring to mind an oasis of blue, blue tones are considered to have a calming influence on us – so much so, there are even claims that the colour can lower our blood pressure.

However, getting the look right can be tricky. How to get that relaxing azure blue look while avoiding a ‘blue overload’ reminiscent of an eight year old’s bedroom?

There are two important design tips when working with blue:

1/ Marry your blues with warm tones

Think warm beiges and earthy tones, pale yellows and golds. Bringing blue together with warm tones helps to bring an accent and depth to your colour scheme.

2/ Avoid greys

Unless you’re designing an uber-modern space with an industrial feel (which isn’t ideal for bedrooms) you’ll want to avoid pairing blues and greys as, together, they risk creating cold feeling rooms.

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