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Is it bedtime yet?

We love bedtime. But, without the current freedom to fill our days as we choose, the days are feeling too long and bedtime too far away.

Unless you have work to keep you occupied and, even if you’re not an especially motivated person, we’re willing to bet that you’re accomplishing your to-do list fairly early on in the day. It’s surprising what gets done when we’re not popping here, there and everywhere and when procrastination is no longer an option.

It’s likely so far in lockdown you’ve spent time completing things: jobs you’ve been meaning to do; cleaning tasks; watched up a few box sets; finished that half-read book that’s collected dust on your bedside table. So, what now?

If we aren’t to find ourselves wishing the hours away with lockdown extended, it’s time to switch up a gear from finishing things to beginning new things. Whether you task yourself with learning something that might increase your earning potential, taking up a relaxing craft or teaching yourself a new DIY discipline, turning our attention to something new will provide a positive focus to see us through lockdown and out the other side.

Here at Millbrook Beds, we often find ourselves counting down to bedtime when we can clamber in to the comfort of our beds. But, until bedtime comes, let’s make the most of the daytime…