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Is it ok?

Every now and again, we just need a sense check about certain things, to know if what we’re doing or what we’re experiencing is within the bounds of ‘normality’. To do this we’ll generally ask friends, family, perhaps our GP and most likely Google an “is it ok?” question relating to our worry.

And it’s good that we do this, the majority of the time sharing our worries is more than halving them – it can invalidate them altogether.

Is it ok to sleep for 5 hours?

Is it ok to sleep on your left side when you’re pregnant?

Is it ok to sleep with wet hair?

Is it ok to wake a sleep walker?

Is it ok to snore?

Is it ok to fall asleep while meditating?

Is it ok to sleep during the day?

Is it ok to sleep in a bra?

Is it ok to stay up all night once?

Is it ok to sleep with a fan on?

Amongst the plethora of ‘is it ok’ questions people ask of Google, these few examples illustrate there are a fair plenty of questions about sleep and a fair number of us that want to check we’re doing it ‘right’.

The above questions mostly lend themselves to straight yes or no answers, but not all worries we have about our sleep are as simply answered. The key in all of this to remember is that if something feels not ok with your sleep, talk to your GP and don’t be afraid to ask the ‘is it ok’ question.