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It’s how you frame it

Much has been made lately of the ‘working from bed’ craze in the current lockdown. 

Whether it’s a sign that people have total lockdown fatigue, or whether it’s because of the miserable weather, but many have taken the view that they can work more comfortably in bed and so that’s where they’ll stay thank you very much.

Wellbeing commentators are split on the topic seeing benefits and drawbacks to mental wellbeing, rule breakers will espouse doing something that would ordinarily be considered taboo and scaremongers will no doubt see it as another sign of the degradation of society – we don’t need to add our opinions into the mix. 

How you frame it to your boss on the other hand is up to you…

If you’re making more video calls from your bedroom than you once did – work or otherwise – chances are your headboard is in the frame, so perhaps it’s time you framed your Millbrook Bed in luxurious style with an opulent headboard from our exclusive collection.

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