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Just my cup of tea

Having a cup of tea in bed is up there as one of the great British institutions.

But, while the right cup of tea can set you up for a great day, a dodgy cuppa has equal potential to get the day off to a decidedly wonky start.

As every tea drinker worth their spoon of sugar knows, the essence of good tea making is all about tailoring the brew to your personal likes and dislikes and – when it comes to tea – there are lots of variables that can make that difference.

Decaf or regular….rich or smooth blend…loose or tea bag…milk in first or last…piping hot or lukewarm…sugar or no sugar…big mug or bone china cup – there are so many choices and that’s all before you even begin thinking about the biscuit that might accompany the tea!

In a similar way, finding the right mattress can be a question of sampling a few varieties to find out what’s your ‘cup of tea’ when it comes to sleep. And, even though they might not as quickly spring to mind, there’s many variables that go in to what #perfectsleep means to you.

Soft, medium or firm tension…high or low spring count…with or without storage…find your #perfectsleep cuppa in which to enjoy your morning cuppa with a luxury handmade bed from Millbrook Beds.

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