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Keeping it clean

Many of us may have begun 2021 with another lockdown, but it doesn’t mean things are like the lockdown of last spring. 

The difference in weather is an added hurdle, but another challenge is that we’re determined to ‘do lockdown’ differently this time. The last lockdown saw alcohol consumption soar and as a nation we gained many kilos comfort eating home-baked and store-hoarded treats. The nation’s sleep suffered too.

Having learned so much last time, it feels like we want to keep our habits cleaner this time around which is why we’re getting in early to share our top five tips for cleaner sleep:

Tech time

There’s no rocket science needed to connect the dots between a round-the-clock relationship to technology and sleep deterioration. Reduce technology input in the evening time and allow yourself to relax ready for sleep.

Reduce stimuli

There are a variety of stimulants we consume every day that mask tiredness – caffeine and sugar are the most popular. Consumed to excess (or towards the end of the day) they interfere with your body’s natural preparation for sleep and can create a viscous cycle of over-alert evenings followed by weariness the following day that cause us to reach for yet more stimulants… and so it goes on.

Bedtime matters

You’re not a child, you can set your own bedtime and create your own routine but – boring though it may sound – routine does matter to your sleep. Read your body, find your natural bedtime and stick to it.

Everyone’s favourite superhero 

When it comes to your bedroom, think Batman: cool, dark and quiet. Some people wrongly assume their bedroom should be toasty though the night but actually somewhere temperate that’s neither too warm or cold is ideal. The dark and quiet elements are self explanatory!


Still too few people make the connection between the quality of their bed and the quality of their sleep – there’s a direct correlation. If you want to sleep comfortably, you’ll need a comfortable bed.

We all need comfort right now, so why not clean up your sleep in luxurious comfort with Millbrook Beds.