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L I V E   M O R E   W O R R Y   L E S S

We all try not to worry, but the truth is worry impacts all of us to a greater or lesser degree. 

They say our worries broadly fall into two categories – 1/ worries about our part in events that have already taken place and 2/ future-based anxieties – and whatever the source, our worries are always destined to feel worse at nighttime.

Sleep is massively important to our mental wellbeing and is a vital part of our toolkit for coping with life’s worries and pressures. We can’t avoid the difficult times in life, they come to everyone in one guise or another. But we can invest in positive sleep and our wellbeing in easier times to help our minds and bodies cope with the tougher challenges when they do come along.

If you’re a natural worrier, avoid worrying about whether your sleep looks like other people’s sleep – people’s sleep habits vary. Focus instead on finding a sleep routine that works for you and that gives you what you need, and also focus on getting what you need from your bed or mattress.

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