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Layering season

Regardless of your favourite season, there’s something to embrace in the newness of each changing season. For Autumn, it’s almost certainly the cosiness that we look forward to most in all variety of pumpkin spice treats and in pulling our favourite scarves from the back of the wardrobe for snuggly comfort on chilly mornings.

Whether in fashion styling, in baking or in other creative pursuits, achieving perfect layers can take a certain technique or skill. At Millbrook Beds we consider ourselves to be something of experts in the art of layering – after all, perfect layers are the essence of crafting #perfectsleep.

Perfect layers of softness

#perfectsleep means luxuriously soft fillings including silk, bamboo, cashgora and pashmina for luxurious comfort.

Perfect layers of breathability 

#perfectsleep means quality fillings, carefully selected for breathability including Hampshire Wool and English Fine Cotton.

Perfect layers of support

#perfectsleep means layers of individually nested pocket springs combined with layers of mini comfort springs to create perfect comfort and support.

It’s layering season. So, if you’re replacing your bed or mattress, choose to layer up with #perfectsleep comfort with a handmade bed or mattress from Millbrook Beds.