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Let the sun in

Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine

Sunshine can be a state of mind. Like the birds flying south and the millions of us that likewise flock to warmer climes each year, we need a bit of sunshine in our lives. Few other things calm us, refresh us and lift our mood like that lazy sunny afternoon feeling.

So what better inspiration for your bedroom than inviting the warm sun into your bedroom courtesy of one of the year’s leading colour trends: sun baked hues.

Build up your sun baked colour palette by blending dusky neutral colours with bleached earthenware colours and scorched natural shades and transform your bedroom into a sleepy sun kissed haven. 

Decor accessories like your cushions, throws, vases, plant pots, frames and wallpapers are easy enough to come by in the season’s colour palette, but furnishings can be much harder to refine by colour. Thankfully choosing a handmade approach means that a handcrafted Millbrook Bed comes with the opportunity to customise your bed and to choose from over 60 colour fabric swatches! 

And of course, decor aside, the real state of mind sunshine comes from the best kind of refreshing sleep. Find out more about #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.