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Lie-in waiting

It’s surprising how few people still make the connection between positive sleep and positive wellbeing.

There’s growing research to show that poor sleep over a protracted period of time can effect our health in many ways and, according to new research published by the University of Colorado Boulder that’s been reported in many news outlets over the last month, weekend lie-ins simply can’t compensate for a week of poor sleep.

We’ve included links below to several articles that expand on this research and the effects of sleep deprivation on our health, our eating habits and even our body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Indeed there’s lots of articles, but the overriding message is the same: don’t wait to sleep. Putting sleep off until the weekend is a misnomer – it won’t have anywhere near the same benefits as a more regular positive sleep pattern will have and could even leave you lying in wait of poorer wellbeing over the long term.

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