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Little wonder 

Size doesn’t equate to beauty. Big can be alluring, small can be beautiful and, as with anything that involves beauty, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

If your bedroom is on the small side, find the hidden potential for your slumber space with our Five Ways to Beautify Your Small Bedroom:

One: Keep the light

Create a light, airy and a positive space in small rooms by using light colours in decor. To be clear, this doesn’t mean wall-to-wall magnolia but, while avoiding a dark and gloomy colour palette, vary textures and tones within a lighter colour scheme to maximise the sense of space.

Two: Choose one statement to make

Using light colours in small spaces doesn’t mean the room has to be bland or lack character but, if space is tight, there may only be space for one predominant style statement – so just choose one. Introduce a single statement design accent for the room, be it a feature wall or repeating pattern and embrace it.

Three: Mirror it

Once you’ve created a character design for your small bedroom, reflect it by using mirrors on more than one wall. As well as having their practical uses, mirrors can dramatically increase the sense of space.

Four: Tidy up

Small spaces don’t allow room for mess so be storage savvy. Make use of sliding doors, under bed storage (view our range of two and four drawer divan sets and ottoman beds) and consider storing items you don’t need day to day in another room.

Five: No compromises

Your bedroom is still your bedroom and it’s primary purpose is a space for you to rest comfortably. Yet so many designer tips for small bedrooms recommend trading your bed for a sofa bed or futon! We hope this blog is helpful in showing you that there are many ways to enhance the beauty in a small bedroom so please NEVER compensate your sleep comfort for space, it’s a false economy.