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Live and breathe

Yoko Ono was once famously quoted for saying:

“Art to me is breathing. If I don’t do it, I start to choke.”

And Yoko is far from the only one to align what feels natural and vital to her sense of being with the vital and natural function of breathing. Bob Dylan said it about life on the road as a musician, Paul Auster said it about writing in his role as an author.

At Millbrook Beds the passion that we live and breathe is #perfectsleep

A quality mattress made using breathable materials is crucial for your sleep. Unlike during your waking hours when you will manually regulate your body’s temperature by layering or removing layers of clothing, your body has to work on autopilot to regulate your temperature overnight. Overheating or decreasing body temperatures are common reasons for sleep disturbances, so it’s important to give your body a helping hand to remain asleep.

We use natural wool in our handmade mattresses because wool breathes far more effectively than any man made material, so it supports your body’s nighttime autopilot mode in keeping you warm in winter months and cool in a warmer climate.

Not only do we carefully consider the breathability of the fillings we use in our mattresses, we also envelope them in natural cotton – Egyptian cotton in our top of the range beds – to provide a highly breathable and heat tolerable sleeping surface.

So, whether in our waking or sleeping hours, you can let your body breathe and relax deeper in the luxurious comfort of a Millbrook Bed.