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Lots of asks

When it comes to our beds we have lots of asks don’t we?

‘I want my bed to be comfortable, but I also want it to look stylish.’

‘I want my mattress to be soft, but I also want it to be durable.’

‘I want my mattress to give me the right support for my size, and for my partner for their size too.’

‘I want my bed to provide that just-right Goldilocks warmth in cold months, but to keep me cool in summer as well.’

These are just a few of the things we demand from our beds – and so we should, our sleep health is immensely important to our wellbeing.

There are lots of asks that go along with making a quality bed but, at Millbrook Beds, we don’t stop there. We desire better sleep for our customers and we’re continually innovating to make this a reality. 

So far in 2021, this approach has led to the launch of several groundbreaking new innovations including Smoothtech (providing a smooth, tuft-free sleeping surface), Dreamsense (embracing smart technology for your sleep) and NemoFlex (revolutionising the sustainability of mattress manufacture and end-of-life recycling).

Millbrook Beds, designing #perfectsleep for now and for the future.