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Low charge

Let’s face it, few things can seem more alarming than that red bar appearing on our battery light at a too-early juncture in the day! When that happens we instinctively know that – in order for our phone to remain on – we’ll have to take evasive action to preserve the remaining battery life until we can recharge it.

Although this worry falls firmly under the category of a first world problem, it also makes us wonder at what point in the day our own energy charge dips into the red? 

If our metaphorical energy bar drops into the red by evening, that’s not surprising and is the natural effect of a day spent being physically and mentally active. 

If our energy bar takes a brief dive into red in the afternoon, it’s possible a big meal at lunch time can temporarily take a few bars off. 

If our energy bar isn’t lasting the morning though? Uh oh.

If you are well in yourself, physically fit and eat a good diet, your energy reserves ought to be more than sufficient to remain physically and mentally active throughout the day. But if you’re well in yourself, physically fit and eat a good diet and you’re finding your energy levels run out at a too-early juncture or you wake up not feeling fully recharged, it could well be that your charger’s broken.

Your bed is to your body and mind what your all-important charging cable or charging dock is to your phone. If it’s old, damaged or had a few too many late night drinks spilled on it over the years, it won’t charge as effectively as it once did.

We can do everything right in our waking hours in terms of our diet and exercise regimes, but if we don’t sleep well, we won’t have the energy we need. 

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