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Made for sharing

What’s your favourite sharing menu?

Are you a sucker for fully loaded nachos? Can you never resist the appeal of the shared platter of Chinese starters? Or do you like to order unctuously indulgent desserts with two spoons?

Sometimes the dishes we enjoy the most are those we share with others. It’s like the joy of a really great joke, it’s never as funny if we read it alone than it is when we listen to it doubled over in hysterics with a mate.

It’s great to share, but when it comes to the intimacy of our sleeping space we can – either out of tiredness or habit – suddenly feel a lot less like sharing.

Our extensive range of luxury mattresses and beds at Millbrook Beds is so good, we think it’s made for sharing. Our handmade beds and mattresses come in sizes up to 6’0 as standard and can be made larger for custom orders so there can be plenty of room for snuggling and for you both to find your own space too. But, better still, because we follow through with a level of quality delivered to traditional craftsmanship standards, all of our mattresses are hand side stitched resulting in a sleeping surface that extends right to the edge of the mattress.

Millbrook Beds, made for sharing with those you love the most.