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Made to measure sleep, part I

Think for a moment about your shoe collection. In spite of the fact that the shoes in your wardrobe all technically fit you, the shoes in your collection will rank on a scale of comfort in accordance with the quality of their manufacture and how well they fit you. 

And it’s not just your shoes where fit is imperative. How well things fit matters both in terms of comfort and how fit they are for purpose and, while you might not readily think of it, how well your mattress fits you is equally important for your sleep too.

Sleeping on a bed that is too soft for your body weight, too short for your height, too narrow for your body shape or simply too narrow for the way you sleep can and will have an impact the quality of your sleep. Roll off, sleep disturbances and the general discomfort that goes along with a too-small sleeping area are all telltale signs that you need to allow more space in your bedroom for your sleep – after all, sleep is the primary purpose of your bedroom!

Just think of the vast difference between those pointed toe going out shoes that just about fit you to wear for a couple of hours in comparison to your everyday shoes that mould to your feet so well you could wear them around the clock. The same goes for your sleep, if you want to sleep well for more than a few hours at a time, you need a mattress that properly fits your sleep.

All week this week at Millbrook Beds we’re thinking about made to measure sleep so join us in part II when we’ll look at the kind of made to measure sleep that’s on offer at Millbrook Beds.