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Made to measure sleep, part III 

This week at Millbrook Beds we’ve spent the week thinking about how size matters when it comes to finding a perfect fitting mattress for your sleep needs. In terms of comfort, practicality and our wellbeing, our bed out-ranks a pair of well-fitting shoes in importance – and yet some people spare far fewer thoughts in a day to their mattress than their shoe collection.

In part II of our blog special this week we looked at how our handmade approach to bed making at Millbrook Beds can allow you to find your perfect fit in a mattress. And so, if size matters, here in our final instalment of made to measure sleep, we’re thinking about how to make every inch count.

There are many reasons why hand making beds can result in better quality sleep and this is why, more than 70 years since we first began making beds, we still opt to make them by hand. 

All mattresses made by Millbrook Beds feature hand side stitching using a expert technique passed down through the generations of our family run company. Hand side stitching offers many benefits including prolonging the lifespan of a mattress and providing a quality standard and luxury finish to your pocket sprung mattress. However, this craftsmanship process isn’t just a pretty finishing detail – hand side stitching a mattress not only helps to prevent roll off, it also extends the sleeping area right to the edge of the mattress. 

So when every inch of mattress space counts, make it count for more with a Millbrook Bed. Find your perfect fit in a mattress with luxury mattresses customised to your comfort with Millbrook Beds.