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Made to measure

Having something made to measure is a pretty special thing nowadays.

It’s not necessarily just a question of affordability. Globalisation and advanced manufacturing have changed the way things are made and distributed forever, and modern commerce makes the notion of individual tailoring anything but the norm.

Traditional tailors are considered artisans of their trade, and it’s for this reason that having a made to measure suit is an elite standard of suit shopping. It’s also the reason that, for the vast majority, it takes a very special occasion (i.e. a wedding or similar scale event) to warrant having our suits or dresses handmade. But, if and when we do, it’s easy to distinguish the skill involved and it’s even easier to distinguish the superiority in the result too.

Here at Millbrook Beds we are committed to keeping the traditional ideals of craftsmanship alive in our trade. Each mattress and bed we make is handmade to our customer’s individual preferences. We tailor the colour, storage, size and comfort to your preference and hand-finish your bed to artisan-level standards of detail and quality.

Made to measure, a Millbrook Bed is something special. Handmade, with every last attention to detail, it perfectly measures up to luxurious sleep.