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Magic bullet

People give their entire careers, their lives even, in the quest of a magic bullet in various fields of medicine.

The holy grail as it were for curing cancers… life limiting illnesses in children… degenerative diseases such as motor neurone disease, a ‘magic bullet’ is the notion of an immediate cure without negative side effects. Skeptics will maintain magic bullets don’t exist – but we keep looking anyway.

At Millbrook Beds, we believe a magic bullet exists for your wellbeing: positive sleep. The skeptics would say “everyone sleeps…so what’s the big deal?” But we would argue not everyone sleeps well, and we’re not alone.

In 2017, The Sleep Council produced a survey that revealed almost three quarters (74%) of Brits get fewer than seven hours sleep and almost a third (30%) reporting they sleep poorly* – and let’s not forget this was all before a global pandemic came along to rock our world.

Poor sleep has negative effects on us physically, mentally, emotionally and even on our immunity levels. Every component of what it is to ‘feel well’ as we go about our lives is compromised by poor sleep but – on the flip side – sleep supports the fabric our wellbeing when we do it well.

Millbrook Beds, believers in sleep and creators of #perfectsleep


‘The Great British Bedtime Report 2017’ 

Commissioned by The Sleep Council and conducted by Atomik Research