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Main menu

A well designed menu is the mark of a great restaurant.

Good menus are one of those things in life that few people appreciate the skill involved until they either have a go at it themselves, or they come across a bad one.

A good menu is carefully designed to include a balance of dishes that whet your appetite, that cater for your dietary needs and that provide enough choice to suit your taste but without falling into the land of ‘overchoice’ where diners are paralysed by an overwhelming array of dishes. Essentially, a good menu is one that satisfies both your needs AND your wants.

Few people realise that the same skill in menu design comes into play when you choose to buy a quality handcrafted bed. But, instead of choosing a dinner that’ll fade into insignificance within hours, the menu choices you make have the potential to enhance your sleep for years to come – so it’s worth seeking out a quality menu.

Because all of our luxury mattresses and beds are handmade using skilled craftsmanship techniques, this means your bed is made just for you. Choose from a menu that includes:

SIZE – available in standard sizes, non-standard sizes for bespoke orders and zip and link configuration for versatile use

COMFORT – soft, medium and firm tensions available

STORAGE – no drawer, two-drawer or four-drawer configurations

STYLE – a choice of over 60 luxurious headboard and divan base fabrics to choose from

Choose well and discover #perfectsleep with Millbrook Beds.