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We know there’s lots of women out there who might have all sorts of suggestions as to what an MOT might entail for their man…but on the occasion of Men’s Health Week, it’s purely a time to think about MOT’ing men’s health.

Men’s Health Week #menshealthweek is happening this week (10th-16th June 2019) and the theme of the campaign for 2019 is men’s health by numbers. Run by The Men’s Health Forum this year’s campaign is about raising awareness of 7 numbers that all men need to know and 5 statistics that policy-makers and service-providers need to know if they’re to reach men effectively and, having read them, trust us they’re numbers worth paying attention to. Read more about these numbers and Men’s Health Week 2019 here:


And, as Men’s Health Week rolls by, whether male or female, let’s not underestimate the importance of sleep in maintaining our health and wellbeing. Wellbeing is about finding that balance in our lives that enables us to feel ‘well’. This comes about by listening to our bodies and taking care of our emotions too, by eating well, by being active, by spending time outdoors and by sleeping well.