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Master bedroom

What makes a master bedroom….a master bedroom?

If your bedroom has fallen low on the list of rooms to style, you’re far from alone. The reception rooms in our homes often take precedence on our interior decorating agenda, as these are the rooms we spend more time in and invite friends and family to hang out in.

Even upstairs we can sometimes take more pleasure in styling other rooms than our own. Creating cutesy and playful styling for our children’s bedrooms and creating Instagrammable guest bedrooms complete with whimsical lighting are fun projects, but perhaps it’s also time to put things in order and invest some time and effort into our main room too: the master bedroom.

We could spend many words here talking about 2019 interior trends, using colour and texture to aid relaxation and being bold in making a style statement with feature walls etc etc etc. However, in our minds, what makes a master bedroom live up to its title as a true master bedroom has less to do with what’s on the walls and a lot more to do with the centrepiece of the room – the bed.

Back in the day, a master bedroom would have only been equipped with the best of the best. That means master craftsmanship that’s anything but run of the mill, it also means design that lasts the test of time in terms of style and quality and – most importantly – it means luxurious comfort. Put it all together, and it means a truly master bedroom needs a luxurious handmade bed from Millbrook Beds.