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Men of the moment, part I

It’s November and, thanks to the stellar work of the Movember movement*, it’s a month that’s become synonymous with making a difference to men’s health. 

Sleep is an often overlooked yet hugely important contributor in our health and wellbeing. And although we don’t always recognise it, research tells us that men and women not sleep differently and have different needs from their sleep, they can also be prone to different sleep problems. 

Commissioned by The Sleep Council, the Great British Bedtime Report 2017** highlights some of these differences and, in doing so, reveals some of the bigger issues affecting men’s sleep. According to the report, men were less likely to be kept awake by stress or to have their sleep disturbed by their partner. However, for the men who had trouble sleeping, 49% reported the biggest effect of poor sleep was on their mood. 

That’s a big number. And if half the men in the UK who don’t sleep well acknowledge it’s affecting how they feel then, in our minds, it’s time to get real about sleep.

Stay with us this week in our three-part blog special at Millbrook Beds as we do just that exploring sleep issues in the context of men’s health and wellbeing.

** Data compiled by Atomik Research in 2017 on behalf of The Sleep Council. Read the full report here https://sleepcouncil.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/The-Great-British-Bedtime-Report-2017-1.pdf