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Men of the moment, part III

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” –

Benjamin Franklin

All week this week at Millbrook Beds we’ve been focused on sleep in the context of men’s health and wellbeing. We’ve looked at some issues specifically relating to men’s health and sleep, but we haven’t shared answers because the answer is abundantly clear: when it comes to men’s health and wellbeing, sleep matters. But, is it quantity or quality that matters?

Researchers and scientists have touched on this question over many decades in the ongoing debate around whether men need less sleep than women and why. The general consensus is that, on average, men need 20 minutes less sleep each night than women. The why bit tends to have less of a consensus view!

Regardless of what Benjamin Franklin says, or what the research says, positive sleep can mean different things to different people – even within men. Positive sleep that restores us in body and in mind is the goal, not the hours or minutes on the clock.

This November, as part of increasing their awareness of important men’s health and wellbeing matters, we want men to make positive sleep – if not #perfectsleep – their goal.

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