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Mix it all together 

…and what do you have?

Really and truly, we should never cease to be amazed by what you can do with a handful of simple and natural ingredients when you know what you’re doing. Eggs and sugar become meringue. Flour yeast and water become bread. Butter, sugar and flour become shortbread. When you think about it, even just these basic recipes are miraculous discoveries and we can hardly imagine our lives even without just these few culinary creations.

In spite of the haute cuisine that exists, there’s still beauty in the simplicity of such basic recipes. Simple recipes often involve the same core ingredients that, when put together in an expert or intuitive way, can achieve a result that is beyond the potential of any of the sum of its parts.

For us, this has parallels with our approach to making beds. Our traditional craftsmanship approach sees us use naturally beautiful fillings and materials and blend them with the expert know-how that we’ve come to over our 70-plus years of bed making. 

Mix it altogether and what do you have?

…a recipe for Perfect Sleep. Try our recipe for yourself as you try a mattress from our Perfect Sleep collection in the showroom of an independent furniture retailer near you now https://www.millbrook-beds.co.uk/find-a-retailer/